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About Me

My name is Shoshannah Olshin. I'm married, thank G-d, the proud mother of seven beautiful children and grandmother. live in Israel and made aliya at the age of 18.

After studying for a B.Ed from the Michlala in Yerushalayim, I was privileged  to teach high school girls for 13 years. Through my interaction with teenage girls, I began to understand there is more to education than just frontal learning. I decided it was time to focus on my passion, I was in the thick of my childbearing years and wanted to spread the excitement I was experiencing each time I gave birth. The rest is history!

I realized my calling is to accompany women through the different stages of womanhood. As I have experienced each new stage of life, I yearn to share and educate others in these wonders.


I am a doula, reflexologist and uterine massage therapist as well as a menopause coach. I teach Preparation for Childbirth courses and  am a Madrichat Kallot.


Birth is extremely close to my heart and I enjoy preparing women for a positive and empowering birth experience

The idea that a woman is blessed with two hearts[an ancient teaching I learnt from Einat Lev my dear mentor] is threaded through all realms of my work. We have our main upper heart and we have our uterus, our second heart that interprets for the main heart. The uterus tells the story of our life. It  speaks when we are stressed as well as when we are happy. Our monthly cycle often broadcasts how a woman is feeling. Heavy painful periods can be a symptom of anxiety or an issue that has not been dealt with and is being held inside ones heart. The womb will leak the secret....


Before I treat a girl/woman it is important we sit together and talk allowing her to share her story. I do an intake over tea which helps me better understand her body, whether she has come for reflexology, uterine massage, menopause coaching, doula work or even Hadrachat Kallot.


Baruch Hashem each day brings renewed excitement and challenge to my clinic.

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