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Reflexology is a specific treatment of the feet-a deep massage applying pressure to different points of the feet. The foot is a map of the body and each organ has its place on the foot. For example, a child complaining of an earache/ear infection can be helped by reflexology. The reflexologist will work on the area of the foot which correlates to the ears.

Often the patient may need a few treatments for optimal results.

By applying pressure to certain points on the foot the qi[chee vital energy in the body] can be unblocked and healing can begin.

Besides treating  many ailments  in my clinic, my first love is working with pregnant women using reflexology as a tool to relax them and if need be to use as an aid to induce labour, (if suggested by a medical professional).


Birth is a natural process. We would like it to be a  memorable and empowering experience.

The Doula is trained and experienced in childbirth and provides emotional, physical and educational support during, before and after labour. By encouraging the birthing mother and her husband/ partner, the doula helps maintain an aura of relaxation in the room which in turn can shorten the labour and minimize any medical intervention 

Having been a doula for many years I am in awe of the beauty and wisdom (and G Ds presence) that envelops birth. With warm touch and emotional encouragement from the outside the birthing mother can delve deep inside herself reaching her inner strength enabling her to cope with any discomforts thus birthing her baby in glory and delight.

Uterine Massage

Uterine massage (עיסוי רחם) is an ancient technique to help bring the uterus back to its proper alignment. When not properly placed, it can affect other organs in the body causing stomach/ bladder and lung issues which in turn can lead to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance can be the cause of spotting, painful or long periods and even fertility issues.
How does the uterus move out of place?
It can happen by carrying heavy bags (for example, while in sheirut leumi or in the army), intense sports, surgery or even as a result of an episiotomy.
So it's just a massage on the uterine area?
It is an external gentle massage working on the entire abdomen and back addressing tension around the hips, sacrum, and coccyx area. This is a powerful tool to break up stagnation, loosen adhesions, move lymph and blood to create space for balance and realignment.
Who is it for?
It's for females from teenage-hood to 120, helping at all stages of their womanhood. 

Madrichat Kallot

Besides learning Hilchot taharat Hamishpacha before the wedding  it is just as important to learn about communication and connection.

When teaching Kallot I aim to weave the halacha  with the קשר זוגי.

We yearn to understand שאיש ואישה זכו לשכינה ביניהם.

A couple can experience this  through investment  in the relationship.

Communication and mutual understanding are the basis to appreciating the differences between a husband and wife hence the basis to a good fruitful marriage.

I enjoy every moment with my kallot.Although it is a big responsibility i feel that we are building friendship for life in the hope that the Kallah will feel comfortable turning to me  for advice in the future as well as in the present .

Fertility Awareness

Fertility Awareness Method (שיטת מודעות לפוריות) teaches a woman to connect to her body learning to detect ovulation  whereby using this knowledge as a natural contraception  or helping to decipher when are ripe days for conception. Though it is not used by a large percentage of women the method educates the woman with profound and empowering knowledge. The course teaches us how to record different fertility signals during the menstrual cycle including cervical mucus , position of cervix and the basal body temperature .By using all three sources of information a woman can clearly detect her ovulation. How wonderful to be free of pills and other unnatural contraception.

However, although the method is simple it requires support and education especially in the beginning. The couple both need to be really committed to this method for it to  work .it can be truly elating after years of taking the pill or having an IUD inserted a woman herself can be more in control of her body. I love educating women in this adventure to freedom.

Menopause Coaching

Menopause Coaching helps educate women as to why and how their body is changing in a holistic manner.The woman is moving on to a new empowering stage of life.Together we find ways to alleviate symptoms that may be hard to cope with. at this time .The journey to menopause can be bumpy but with clarity and support it can be exciting and even rejuvenating.

When a woman reaches out for help and advice during her perimenopausal years we sit together as she shares what she is experiencing.We cover subjects such as weight gain ,intimacy and contraception,mood swings, hot flashes,irregular menstrual cycles ,insomnia   and more....

Depending on the individual case I will suggest different supplements and herbs

aswell as several treatments combining reflexology and uterine massage which are wonderful at alleviating symptoms.

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