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Online Course
Preparation for Childbirth

Learn at home, at your own pace, in your own time


Meet Shoshannah

My name is Shoshannah Olshin. I'm married ,thank G-d, the proud mother of seven beautiful children and grandmother. I live in Israel and made aliya at the age of 18.

After studying for a B.Ed from the Michlala in Yerushalayim, I was privileged  to teach high school girls for 13 years. Through my interaction with teenage girls I began to understand there is more to education than just frontal learning. I decided it was time to focus on my passion, I was in the thick of my childbearing years and wanted to spread the excitement I was experiencing each time I gave birth. The rest is history.


I realized my calling is to accompany women through the different stages of womanhood. As I have experienced each new stage of life, I yearn to share and educate others in these wonders.

Online Course

Online Birth Course

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Buy my birthing course on line and prepare for the "Big  Day" in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you and your husband.

The course includes 5 detailed online classes and a face to face final class (which may be done on zoom if you are abroad).

Course Trailer

Course Trailer

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“Both of my birth experiences with Shoshanna were very impactful. Perhaps even life altering. Her care and concern before and after the birth was warm and supportive. Her touch and words during the labor and birth were uplifting, encouraging and guiding. Exactly what was needed. Shoshanna took the time to understand me, our family and our needs and did her job accordingly. She is transcendant ❤️”

- Abby


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